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Welcome to Churrasco Grill, where we proudly serve the freshest foods and our family history. While we’ve made some changes, the recipes remain true to meals that owner Danny Ipes enjoyed growing up.

Danny and his wife, Mary Ann, still enjoy the same Uruguayan foods from his childhood and created this steakhouse food truck to share the deliciousness with you and your family. Each sandwich or platter is made fresh, never premade, and never sits under a heat lamp.

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Churrasco Grill Steakhouse

It is Danny’s passion for food that is the driving force behind Churrasco Grill. As a child, his parents taught him to cook and passed down recipes from generation to generation. Churrasco Grill’s chimichurri sauce was Danny’s grandfather’s creation.

Now, you get the privilege of enjoying steakhouse-style grilled meats with this perfectly honed recipe of bright, zesty herbs and fresh garlic. You’ll love our Uruguayan grilled meats served with savory sides and fresh, homemade sauces.

Mobile Food Caterer

We are serious about catering. We love doing the food truck events, but our passion as business owners and cooks lies with the catering side of Churrasco Grill. Danny and his team offer South American flavors and Latin-American cooking for your next formal or casual event.

There is something for every event: We offer affordable options such as drop-off catering. Hire our Churrasco Grill food truck, and we’ll bring the kitchen and cuisine right to the party. For more formal affairs, we offer sit-down dinners with complete catering services.

Our Food Truck Cuisine Gallery

Grilled Steak and Chicken Platter
Steak Sandwich
Grilled Steak Bowl

We Use The Freshest Ingredients To Make Our Food

Did we mention each steak is hand-cut and trimmed? They are! To have complete control over the freshness of our beef, we opted to hand-cut our steaks directly at the source. When you order any chicken, pork or beef meal, you can trust that you are receiving the freshest piece of meat possible with no preservatives or antibiotics. Whether you visit our food truck or choose us to cater your special occasion, Churrasco Grill only delivers fresh, delicious homestyle cooking. Our sides are made with only the best ingredients for the best Latin and American flavors. Our sauces, like our chimichurri, are made with fresh, robust herbs and spices. You will absolutely love our food!