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Our large group catering services are perfect for events such as fairs, festivals, luncheons and picnics. We also cater family-friendly functions like awards banquets, school functions, reunions and block parties.

Churrasco Grill offers food drop-off, buffet-style or food truck service for group events in South Florida. Choose from fun options like a taco, burger or Italian Cucina bar. Your guests will have a great time and love the creative cuisines served at your function.

Book Our Food Truck To Come To Your Event

Churrasco Grill Steakhouse

Latin-inspired flavors and American favorites come together in our steakhouse-style food truck. We’re serving succulent, top-quality meats hot off the grill like perfectly seasoned steak, pork mojo chicken and burgers. Ideal for any group event, party or function held at local schools, parks, rental halls and more.

Mobile Caterer For Large Group Events

When you want the best catering company in West Palm Beach for your group event, Churrasco Grill has the experience you are looking for in a caterer. We proudly offer menu options to accommodate any budget, group size or occasion. Our professional staff can set up a buffet or serve a multiple-course dinner at most venues, homes, schools, parks or rental halls.

Types of Large Group Events We Cater

Hosting an event for a large group of 50 or more attendees? You can rely on us to deliver the deliciousness! We’ll bring the Latin-American dishes and the American comfort foods your guests will love. We’ve successfully catered the following large group parties and more:

  • Church Functions
  • Family Reunions
  • Neighborhood Block Parties
  • Festivals
  • Fairs & Carnivals
  • Sports Team Events
  • Office Building Lunch
  • Volunteer Events
  • School Functions
  • Car Dealership Events
  • Retirement Parties
  • Awards Banquets
  • Executive Luncheon
  • Brewery Events
  • Community Gatherings

Large Group Food Truck Catering Packages

Minimum of 50 guests for large group catering orders.

Large Group Food Truck Catering Menu Options

Catering options include full-service catering, buffet-style, or drop-off ready-to-serve entrees and sides. We serve only the freshest ingredients and choose only top-quality beef, chicken and pork cuts. Choose one of our fun make-your-own tacos, burgers, pasta or Cuban cuisine for a memorable experience. You can also opt to have our gourmet food truck on location to serve guests.

On-Site Food Truck Catering

Are you looking for an exciting alternative to the same old party foods? We have on-premise food truck options to fit any budget, theme or guest list. Guests will love the fun food truck experience, and having it on location is perfect for large group events like block parties, church functions, school carnivals and any big get-together you can think of!

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Drop-Off Catering

An affordable catering option is to have us bring our prepared food to you. Choose from any of our entrees, sandwiches, unique food bars and sides we’re known for; then we’ll get them to you, ready to serve to your hungry guests. We’ll do the cooking off-premises and then deliver it to your event. The rest is up to you: You’ll put out the Churrasco Grill party food when you’re ready and then enjoy the festivities!

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Custom Food Truck Catering Menu 

As longtime food professionals, we’ve learned that customizing the menu to accommodate the client is a simple way to ensure satisfied customers and successful events. If there is anything on the menu you’d like to replace or add, we will do our absolute best to fulfill your requests. Our priority is delicious, perfectly prepared food for your large group event, but we also strive to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.